A honest review from a Surface Pro 4 owner

Finally after waiting for a long time on the release of the Surface Pro 4 (and getting my money together). I bought myself a Surface Pro 4 - 512 SSD / Intel Core i7 having 16gb of memory. And yes it comes with pen but without keyboard.

In my opinion you should get the Surface Typecover keyboard 4 as well, with this combination you can really tell it is a full and worthy hybrid between a laptop and tablet. The typecover gets attached by a magnet, it's really snapping on and off nicely, I just love it. And you can use this as screen protector at the same time as well.

The Typecover on its own is really worth the money! It comes with a big/smooth trackpad and lighting. The buttons are nicely spread out and has a great key travel.

To check all specs visit this page:

The Surface itself works and does what you would expect it to do, it runs off course on Windows 10 and it's blazing fast. It has very nice screen colors and high resolutions which makes it for me a valuable device being a developer.

Unfortunately a disadvantage of the Surface Pro 4, the back-side isn't scratch-proof! I still dont get it, after paying a decent amount of money you aspect at-least a little bit more resistance against scratches for a premium device.

Lucky for me that there are company's selling very nice stickers for example:

Another thing which is a little disappointing, it has only 1 USB slot?!
But hey, they have managed to get magnetic connection input for the power cable.

So should you buy this instead of a laptop? My answer is definitely!
It looks nice, works fast and its easy to take with you if you like to take your devices with you.