Deployments Simplified for github on Azure

In this post I would like to cover and share a quick and interesting deployment process, to get your github project hosted by any Azure user.

The idea is simple. Application owners can add a "Deploy to Azure" button (or any other image or link) to their GitHub repository by inserting it to their file using standard markdown or html.

<a href="" target="_blank"> <img src=""/> </a>

This how the button looks like:

Here is a github example which is using this button:

But it's not the button which makes this interesting.

The real power is that you could install any github project directly onto your Azure within a few minutes of your time!

How it works

When a user clicks on the button, a “referrer” header is sent to which contains the location of the Git repository to deploy from.

Now, don't wait any longer and get your github projects ready for Azure deployments!

For a full explanation how it works, checkout this url:

Or check out the maker (Elliott Hamai) his blog: