Heads or Tails

We organized a kick off event for our Windows Insiders Community called OWIC. And talked about Open Source coding languages like ASP.NET Core, TypeScript & Angular2 and Reactive.

We wanted to test our audience in a funny way if they where actually paying attention to our sessions. So we figured to play this game called 'Heads or Tails'.

To give this quiz an extra touch as we are wicked powerful Windows Insiders.
We poured this game into ninja-cat style. Guess what our audience loved it!

So I figured why not sharing this idea throughout all other Windows Insiders Communities out there? Get the power point here to give you guys a head start: http://bit.ly/2d03UVf

If you are organizing a Windows Insiders Event, meetups or any other.
Really do these kind of quizzes, it's a great joy!

How does this Quiz 'Heads or tails' work in a nutshell?

Ask your audience any question and provide them 2 answers.
If they choose to go for the first answer, they places there hands on the head.
When they go for the other answer they'll have to place there hands on the back.
Then you announce which answer was correct and all of those people who picked the wrong answer, has to sit down.

You keep on playing this game until only one person is still standing up, which is the winner. In case where all people are wrong ask them to stand up and once again keep on playing.

If you are running out of questions you actually can 'Flip a coin' with the last people standing. Do the classic game Heads or tails on stage!


Provide them from time to time 2 correct answers. It's quite funny to see there reactions as they will be confused. This keeps them sharp while playing the game.

For example, we asked them:

And you guessed it, the correct answer was... :-)

If you have any funny activities please share it with us as well?
So good luck with your event or meetup, but most of all have fun and be creative!